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  • Sunset on Lake Newell Reservoir

    If you love sailing, bird watching, lazing on the beach, swimming or fishing, then Lake Newell is a must.


  • Irrigation-the Lifeblood of Southern Alberta

    Irrigation development in Alberta totals in excess of 1.6 million acres and represents two-thirds of all irrigation development in Canada.


  • Corn

    There's nothing that says late summer better in Alberta better than a hot, sweet buttery cob of Alberta corn.


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Wetlands & Waterfowl Booklet

AIPA has created a 32-page Wetlands and Waterfowl booklet.  Wetlands provide nesting habitat for ducks, geese, swans...

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 Irrigation Districts in Alberta and Ducks Unlimited Canada have teamed-up over a period of 75 years to create 82,000 acres of wetlands.....

Irrigation In Action

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AIPA has produced a booklet with pictures and description of 22 campgrounds, day use areas, waters used by anglers and a list of golf courses in Alberta's irrigated region.

Water Fun and Campgrounds